Flowers & Chocolates

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10 Roses Bunch with Ferrero Rochere Chocolates

A beautiful bunch of fresh red roses & 16 ferrero rochere box of chocolate...


20 Pink Roses Bunch with Cadbury RDF Chocolate 120gm

A perfect combo of 20 Pink roses bunch and a cadbury dry fruit box of net weight 120g..


8 Red Roses Bunch & 16pc. Ferrero Rocher

A bunch of Red roses bunch that contains 8 roses & 16pc. ferrero rochere box...


8 Red roses bunch with 120 gm Cadbury dry fruit chocolate box

A box of 120 gm chocolate rich dry fruit from cadbury & bunch of 8 red roses with tissue wrappin..


Some one like you

13 red roses arrangement & 10 cadbury dairy milk chocolate 52gm...


White lily & 16 Ferrero Rochere Combo

A beautiful bunch of white lily in a blue tissue wrapping. & a box of 16 ferrero rochere chocola..